There’s never a convenient time to have your car cost dollars that you weren’t expecting.
As part of our client care program we provide a complete safety inspection and maintenance report with every vehicle we service.

What does this mean for you:

Peace of Mind – Michael is fanatical about care and attention to detail.  When you speak with him, you’re speaking with the mechanic that is actually working on your car. He’s happy to discuss his findings with you and even walk you through them on your car. He will not perform work that isn’t necessary and will inform you of any work that needs doing, provide a quotation and seek your permission before commencing work.

Have confidence that you car is safe

Safety – We ensure that your safety and maintenance inspection lists any items that require either immediate attention as a safety issue as well as a items that are experiencing notable wear and tear meaning that they will require your attention in the foreseeable future.  This allows your to plan your vehicle maintenance and know that your car is safe for you and your family.  This means that your far less likely to experience any unexpected maintenance issues that may leave you stranded.

Is your car safe for your next family road trip?

Value – The ability to plan for service, maintenance and repair means that you can schedule according to your finances.  Failure to do so can result in breakdown requiring towing, potential after hours call out to get you out of trouble and costly emergency repairs which – according to the law of ‘Murphy’ – never happen close to home!

Plan to not experience the unexpected!

We get to know you and your car.

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