pre holiday service and safety check

With the holidays just weeks away it’s time to plan for a service and safety inspection

We never plan for anything to go wrong on a road trip but there is plenty you can do to plan against things going wrong with your car. Your mechanic is best qualified to ensure your car is safe, reliable and road trip ready. Preparing early by booking in for a service and safety check is essential to travel peace of mind.

A thorough service places your car in best stead for the long road ahead.  A service and safety inspection identifies any items that need your attention before you head off.

Important items we inspect as part of your car’s service include:


Tyres should be inflated to the correct pressure, in good condition with adequate tread depth and rotated regularly for even wear. This also applies to your spare tyre.


Minor brake problems can turn to costly repairs but there are several checks that mechanics complete to ensure that your brakes are safe.

Battery and Terminals

Battery failure is never convenient and simple factors such as extremes in temperature can cause extra drain and wear on your battery. Batteries can be tested to determine their condition so that you can make the decision to invest in a new battery if necessary.


Engine and transmissions oils, coolant and brake fluids, power steering and wiper fluids all play a major part in keeping your car in optimum working order.

Belts, Hoses and Clamps

Failure of a worn belt, hose or clamp can cause catastrophic damage, preventable through regular inspection and maintenance.  Belts, hoses and clamps should be inspected for any deterioration or signs of wear and replaced accordingly.


Correctly functioning lights are not only practical in keeping your path well-lit but are instrumental in preventing accidents.


Wiper blades are open to the elements of heat, cold, and debris and require regular replacement to ensure that they are effective.

Giving you peace of mind

Another item to consider is your suspension. If you’re planning on going off-road or towing it’s a good idea to make sure your suspension is both adequate for the job and in good order.

Wishing you safe travels,


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