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Airport Automotive Service provides professional car service and repair, with a workshop centrally located in Marcoola. Mobile mechanic service available along with the convenience of a courtesy car upon request.

How often should I have my car serviced?

The owners manual of your vehicle has a detailed section outlining the intervals that your car should be serviced.  The schedule also lists the items that need particular attention at each of those intervals.  Most modern cars have a service reminder light that illuminates on the dashboard when your service is due.  If you own an older car or don’t have the owners manual then the general rule of thumb for oil and filter change is every 10,000km or 6 monthly, whichever comes first.  We use a comprehensive Auto Database giving us a full list of you cars’ requirements at any given interval.

How much does a car service cost?

Every make and model has different requirements.  A standard car service involves oil and filter change, lubrication, tyre rotation, safety and maintenance inspection in line with manufacturer requirements. This type of service starts at approximately $189.  The main variant is the quantity and type of oil required and the cost of the oil filter. The cost of a service is made up of two main components: parts and labour. A small fee is also charged to cover the cost of workshop consumables and environmentally conscious disposal of oils and used parts.

Manufacturer service schedules for every make and model detail the items required at each service interval and the estimated time that the required work should take.

Will you tell me if you find anything that needs fixing when you service my car?

Yes.  A very important aspect of any service is to check your car over thoroughly for items that are wearing prematurely, require urgent attention or will need repair or replacement in the foreseeable future.   Some common examples include brake and tyre wear and the state of your suspension, steering and items that affect the safe driving of your car. We will provide you with honest advice, show you what we have found and provide you with a timeline for repairs so you can determine how they can be achieved within your budget.

How long does a car service take?

The time taken to service your car varies depending on the service interval i.e the service relevant to the  number of kilometres you’ve travelled or age of your car in months since purchase, whichever comes first. The average time for a standard service is 1-1.5 hours. You will need to allow more time for major services which involve attention to additional items such as: air; cabin and fuel filters; brake fluid and coolant; transmission and other lubricants; timing belts and so on.

If I don’t get my car serviced, what will happen?

Regular car servicing is the single most important part of car maintenance.  Your engine requires lubrication to operate efficiently and to prevent damage to its components.  Oil deteriorates with use and time.  Failure to replace your engine oil will result in sludge building up in your engine.  Sludge will cause poor performance, reduced fuel economy and engine damage.  Failure to service your car regularly will cause premature wear and tear resulting in poor reliability and costly repairs.

Even if your car is sitting idle for long periods, it is essential to complete regular servicing as many of the fluids and lubricants in your car absorb moisture and their protective qualities diminish over time, resulting in compromised performance and corrosive damage.   Brake fluid should be changed at least every 2 years regardless of the amount of use your car has.

What should I look for in a good mechanic?

How do you find a good mechanic near you? With so many to choose from it can be difficult to know if you’re making the right decision. At Airport Automotive Service we believe a good mechanic is one who: listens carefully to your concerns; is honest; explains the work required; provides evidence of work done; is attentive to detail and quality work; uses quality parts and lubricants and guarantees their work. A good mechanic will also undertake ongoing professional development to remain current with evolving industry trends and emerging technologies. Customer reviews through Google and Facebook offer a good indication as to the reputation of the workshop.

How do I know if my mechanic is being honest about required repairs?

Your mechanic should explain the details of the work required and describe the symptoms that you may have noticed as well as the improvement that you will experience after the work is done. Your mechanic should be able to show you the areas that require attention.  Many items requiring repair are not visible until outer parts are removed to expose the area requiring repair, we provide before and after photos of work being done.

What is the difference between general car servicing and logbook servicing?

Logbook servicing is car servicing that follows the schedule set out by the vehicle manufacturer for your particular vehicle. Service schedules detail frequency of: oil and filter change; standard checks and maintenance. Service schedules also detail frequency for major items: additional filters; lubricants and fluids; wear and tear items such as timing and accessory belts. General servicing completes all of the same  requirements as logbook servicing however, having your logbook service schedule completed and logbook stamped is essential in maintaining your new car warranty. It’s also very handy as a record or maintenance performed when selling your vehicle.

How can I tell if promised work has actually been done?

It can be difficult to confirm if repairs have been performed when the area concerned is buried out of site. At Airport Automotive Service we take before and after photos so that you can see for yourself the state of the areas that we have worked on. This is also helpful to you if we find something unexpected during another procedure as we will always send you photos of our findings and request your permission to proceed accordingly before we start any work.

Does a complete service record affect my resale value?

Yes! Buyers looking for used cars want to know that your vehicle has been properly maintained. A complete service history provides an added degree of buyer confidence. A purchaser could reasonably expect that a thoroughly serviced vehicle is going to be reliable and less likely to require unexpected cost and inconvenience of repairs outside of appropriate wear and tear for the age and mileage of the vehicle.

How do I know what my car needs ‘right now’?

Call Michael to discuss your car’s history and any concerns.  He’ll chat with you and ask a series of questions to determine your next course of action. Call to book a time to bring your car for an inspection and maintenance report.  We’ll be able to quote you for any service, maintenance or repair needs so you can plan accordingly.


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