You want a trustworthy mechanic

Canstar recently completed a survey of Australian motorists and deducted that 4 out of 5 were wary of being ‘ripped off’  when they take their vehicle for a service.

This is a perception that we at Airport Automotive Service address from the moment you make contact with us. We have measures in place to give our clients confidence in choosing us as their mechanic.

Clear communication

Understanding your concerns is integral in providing clear explanations about what we do to your car. Client concerns vary: a strange noise; something not feeling quite right; decreased fuel efficiency; uncertainty of expected cost of repair in fitting with their budget; safety requirements in preparation for a long trip. The list is endless but the solutions are simple.  We’ll listen to your concerns and provide clear explanations of all aspects relating to what your car needs.  We’ll always show you how we arrived at your quotation and never commence any work unless we have your approval.

Photographic confirmation

Photographing the parts that we need to work on or replace means that we can show you exactly what we are talking about when explaining your cars repair or service needs.

“Motorists put their trust in the experts to do a good, honest job, but there is a perception that some can’t be trusted,” said Head of Canstar Blue, Megan Doyle. Three out of five  survey respondents claimed to have paid for vehicle repairs or maintenance they were not expecting and while this is obviously no proof that people have been misled, it’s sure to raise a few eyebrows for some. In its latest survey, Canstar also found that the average cost to service a car was $380.

Quality workmanship with a best price guarantee

The greatest cause of varying costs for vehicle servicing and repairs come down to the make and model or your car.  European vehicles and 4WDs are traditionally more expensive the maintain than most other cars.  Regardless of the make and model of your car, we always use manufacturer approved parts and lubricants and only those of good quality.  That’s why we are confident that you will feel the difference when we’ve finished with your car, have confidence that the work that we have completed will add to the longevity of you vehicle’s life without costing you the earth.  It’s our aim to care for you and your vehicles for the long term.

“It’s a matter of trust creating loyalty,” added Mrs Doyle. 


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