Mazda BT50 and Ford Ranger recall popular 4WD Utes with safety issue

If you own a Mazda BT-50 or Ford Ranger you’ll probably know that they share much of the same componentry including engine and driveline.  The latest recall of both the BT50 and the Ranger relate to an issue with the manual shift assembly. The gearshift cable retaining clip may not be securely fastened resulting in continued contact between the gearshift cables and rear driveshaft causing damage to both components. The most noticeable symptom is difficulty changing gears and/or loss of drive.

Vehicle Recalls at Airport Automotive Service

As part of our service schedule we check for recalls on your car via the national ACCC register which lists the VIN (vehicle identification number) of any vehicle with a recall, outlining the fault and any potential hazards. We’ll inform you of any recall on your vehicle and the necessary action recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. All servicing conducted by Airport Automotive Service maintains your new car warranty at a very competitive price even with most capped price servicing deals. We’re happy to provide a quote so you can compare.