New car warranty and logbook servicing intervals

Under most new car warranties, the guidelines are “which-ever comes first.” So even if you don’t do the miles you need to service your vehicle at the logbook service time intervals. If you do not follow these instructions, you do run the chance of voiding your warranty, depending on the manufacturer and what they will allow. Some are a little easier than others, but they give you a maintenance schedule for a reason. Believe me when I say, if you don’t follow it, it is a prime way for them to legally say, “Sorry, not our problem because you didn’t complete the maintenance as scheduled.” If they don’t have to pay for something, they will find a way. And since you didn’t do the maintenance correctly, they will use that against you.

One reason for following the recommended intervals is to ensure warranty coverage, the other is to ensure a long and trouble-free life for the engine, transmission, etc.

Not doing the miles…doesn’t mean delaying the service.

Many people who don’t drive their car much, service on mileage rather on time.  While it may seem to make sense to delay oil changes if your car isn’t doing a lot of mileage, the problem is the type of driving that equates to low mileage.Most vehicles have recommended maintenance at either time or distance intervals. Even if your driving is low mileage, it is important to follow the time points.

What happens if I don’t change my oil regularly?

The oil in an engine acts not only as a lubricant, but as a cooling and cleaning agent pulling nasty, minute and possibly damaging particles caused by wear into the filter and boiling off harmful chemicals caused by combustion. Those particles or chemicals might remain in the oil of a lightly used engine. Vehicles used for mostly short trips, especially in low speed situations i.e. trips to the shops and school, run richer whilst not up to full operating temperature. This causes increased oil degradation which may not be visible on the dipstick. All oils and other fluids break down over a period of time, losing their effectiveness (brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, transmission oil etc). If you want to keep the level of protection that your engine and associated mechanical systems need, you must have your mechanic carry out scheduled logbook service maintenance.

Do I need to take have the dealership service my car to maintain my warranty.

In a word, No. The ACCC policies prevent manufacturers from monopolising service on new vehicles. Any qualified mechanical workshop using approved lubricants and parts can complete logbook servicing without voiding the manufacturers warranty. There are some aftermarket warranty programs on used vehicles that will only be honoured by the seller if their strict and often costly maintenance schedule is followed to the letter for the warranty period.

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