Wet weather and car batteries

So the ‘big wet’ has found us again. We’ve seen quite a few flooded roads and waterways on our way to our Workshop in Marcoola this morning. There’s nothing like wet (or cold) weather to expose a battery that is near the end of its life. Sometimes it’s just that additional bit of effort required that your old or worn out battery can’t quite manage.  We’ve all been there at some stage, there is no convenient moment for your car to not start. Whether you are sitting in the driveway at home, at the shops or picking up the kids from school, the moment your car battery decides it’s given all that it can, you’re going nowhere.  Often people will call for roadside assistance to get a jump start. They may even put the battery on charge at home.  But whilst these may well get you going, you’ve probably missed the warning sign that might have saved you from even more inconvenience soon enough.

Where can I get a new car battery

At Airport Automotive Service, we stock a good variety of high quality AC Delco sealed batteries. We also carry Super Heavy Duty Amaron varieties of you’re looking for the ultimate in car battery technology.
Our ultimate goal is to ensure all of our customers have the most reliable car possible.  So, at every car service, we run a battery diagnostics test and warn you if your battery is nearing time for renewal, before you find yourself stranded.
    As always, you can call me on 0499405902 or 54505965.
    Safe travels,