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Something as simple as a $2 sump plug washer…¬†

So you do the right thing and have your car serviced regularly. You’re not doing the miles so your services are based on time not kilometres. For its age, your car is immaculate and you’d be safe to consider it well maintained. You’d think that you’d be pretty safe from oil leaks right?

Well something this simple could bring that theory undone. The sump plug (pictured below) is the location from where the old oil is drained from your car and the washer should be replaced each time the oil is changed. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Here is a telltale sign of a car that has had the old sump plug washer re-used at a previous service. It doesn’t quite do its job and oil weeps out over time. A $2 washer at the time of service is a simple prevention.

We always replace the sump plug washer so this doesn’t happen


This cheap filter has been rusting where the protective coating has failed

There is a wide range of oil filters available from various manufacturers. This image shows that cheapest isn’t best in this case. For just a few dollars more your car is safe from the oil filter rusting apart before your next service! And if you’re not doing the miles to alert you to regular servicing and time passes you could find yourself with an oil leak or damage that was preventable in the most simple way! Think rusted out oil filter, oil expelled under pressure and major engine damage!

We always replace your sump plug washer at every service and only use quality, manufacturer approved parts from quality suppliers, a consideration that is also important in maintaining your statutory warranty.

We’re happy to discuss your individual car needs and answer your questions. Here’s a link to some frequently asked questions about routine car servicing.

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